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Ccure 9000 Training Sessions:

If you have questions or would like to schedule a group training, please contact the Physical Security Office at [email protected] or (814) 867-3051.

Live Zoom Training Opportunities (Duration: 1 hour):

*Registration is required to obtain the Zoom invitation. 

Date Time Registration Link
8/18/21 9-10AM Click for Zoom Registration Link
9/15/21 9-10AM Click for Zoom Registration Link
10/20/21 9-10AM Click for Zoom Registration Link
11/17/21 9-10AM Click for Zoom Registration Link
12/15/21 9-10AM Click for Zoom Registration Link


CCure 9000 Job Aids & Videos: 

Review a Clearance (and audit those who have the clearance)
Add/Remove a Clearance (including Custom Clearances)
Review Doors
Lock/Unlock a Door
Review/Delete Manual Actions 
Disable Door Forced/Held Alarms
Review Personnel
Review an Event
Review a Schedule
Request a Batch Upload

Review a Clearance (Duration: 3 minutes)
Add/Remove a Clearance (Duration: 2 minutes)
Review Doors (Duration: 1 minute)
Lock/Unlock a Door (Duration: 2 minutes)
Review/Delete Manual Actions (Duration: 1 minute) 
Disable Door Forced/Held Alarms (Duration: 1.5 minutes)
Review Personnel (Duration: 1.5 minutes)
Review an Event (Duration: 1.5 minutes)
Review a Schedule (Duration: 2 minutes)

Housing & Food Services Specific:

Add or Edit a Pin Number
Download a WiQ Controller
Verify a WiQ Controller and Portal Online Status

Add or Edit a Pin Number (Duration: 1.5 minutes)
Download a WiQ Controller (Duration: 1.5 minutes)
Verify a WiQ Controller and Portal Online Status (Duration: 2 minutes)


Download Ccure 9000:


Ccure 9000 Naming Conventions and Best Practices:

  • Campus code reference list: Click Here
  • Clearances should be named in the following format: Campus Code|College/Unit Abbreviation|Building (if single building)|Name (if applicable)|Date (if temp. clearance)
    • Example: UP AA Downtown Theater Box Office Spring 2021 
  • Schedules should be named in the following format: Name of Clearance + SCH 
    • Example: UP AA Downtown Theater Box Office Spring 2021 SCH
  • Events should be named in the following format: Campus Code|Building|UNLOCK/DS CANCEL|Ext/Int|Rm # (if applicable) 
    • Example: UP AA Downtown Theater UNLOCK Ext
  • Personnel Records for Access Cards: The Last Name field is not editable. If you wish to edit the name of a Personnel record you must edit the first or middle name fields.  
  • Manual Actions: Manual actions should be used for occasions when you need to unlock/lock/silence an alarm for a limited amount of time, at most 7 repeating days. 
  • Manual Action Priorities: The general priority to be used should be 80 if needing to override a door lock/unlock. Your privilege allows up to 175, however, a priority above 80 should only be used in a case where you have knowledge of a need to raise the priority setting to that level. 
  • Custom Clearances: Custom clearances should only be set for a maximum of 7 days. If access is needed for a longer period a standard clearance should be applied. 


Ccure 9000 Terminology:

  • Activate/Deactivate: Events in Ccure 9000 may be activated or deactivated. This will activate or deactivate the event 24/7 during the programmed time. On some screens of Ccure 9000 you will see an "Active Status" column. This column will update to show active or inactive based on if the status of the event. 
  • Arm/Disarm: Events in Ccure 9000 must be armed to operate. If the event is disarmed, it is considered offline. On some screens of Ccure 9000 you will see an "Armed Status" column. This column will update with the object's armed or disarmed status. 
  • Clearance: A Clearance is applied to personnel in Ccure. The Clearance contains the doors and associated schedule for card access. 
  • Controller/Panel: A Controller/Panel is the access control board that is generally installed in telecom closet spaces. The Controller/Panel interfaces with the Ccure server, card readers (to determine if access should be granted), and other door components. 
  • Credential: A Credential is the Penn State id+ card number other than the PSU ID number. 
  • Custom Clearance: A Custom Clearance should be used when an individual needs access to a facility for a few days to a week and it is not practical to create a new clearance for the specific access need. 
  • Door: A Door in Ccure is the complete makeup of a Door including door objects such as door monitor devices, locks, exit devices, audible alarms. When needing to unlock or lock a door opening, you would use the Ccure Door. 
  • Event: An Event is used in Ccure to perform unlock Events that are driven by a specific schedule. Events are also used to generate system notifications.   
  • Group: A Group is generally several doors organized into a group format. Groups can be applied to Events and Clearances. 
  • Partition: Partitions are established by the facility in Ccure. A Partition includes the facilities clearances, groups, events, and is also is how privileges are established.  
  • Personnel: Personnel are the people in Ccure who hold a credential for card access. 
  • Privilege: A Privilege in Ccure are the rights you have and defines what you can see and do in Ccure. 
  • Schedules: A Schedule (Time Specification) is associated with Events and Clearances and provides the Schedule Ccure abides by. 


Ccure 9000 Notes:

  • If you are using a Surface to access Ccure, you may need to alter your screen resolution to 1440 x 900 to properly view the software and 100% scaling for text size. A restart may be necessary for the change to take effect.