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Report an Issue or Make a Request

The Physical Security Office is utilizing forms for reporting issues and making new requests. Please select from the link below for the appropriate action. 

Ccure 9000 Migration Request (if forms below do not fit your need)

Access Control/Card Access

Report a Lost Access Card (non-Penn State ID)

Report a Lost Penn State ID (deactivate ID card) 

Report a Card Access Issue

Report an Inoperable Card Access or Alarm Point (exit only) Door

Report a Card Access Panel Communication Fail

Request a New Ccure Card Access Clearance or Modify an Existing Clearance

Request to Delete a Card Access Clearance

Request a New Ccure Door Schedule or Modify an Existing Door Schedule

Request Ccure Operator Access, Modification, or Removal of Access

Request a Ccure Batch Upload (Add or Remove Access)

Video Surveillance

Report an Issue/Inoperable Video Surveillance Camera

Report a Video Surveillance Camera that Requires Adjustment (refocus, repoint) 

Physical Keys

Report a Lost Key  - Residence Hall Residents: Visit your housing area Commons Desk

Report a Found Key

Security Projects

Request a New Facility Security Project Review (required prior to submitting a WO to OPP)

Request a Facility Security Assessment

Emergency Phones

Report an Inoperable Emergency Phone

Alarm Systems

Report an Inoperable Alarm System

Request to Remove an Alarm System

Request to Add or Remove an Alarm System User

General Facility Security 

Request to Become a Master or Local Access Coordinator

Request to be Removed as a Master or Local Access Coordinator

Request a Proximity (Prox) Card

Request Video Surveillance or Card Access Data (approved users only)

Single IP Request - SecNet (SecLAN)

Multiple IP Request - Click here to email our group for a guided spreadsheet

Request to Become a Penn State Security Vendor 

Miscellaneous Request/Report