University Sponsored Trip to Non-Campus Locations

To comply with the Clery Act, universities are required to disclose statistics for specific crimes that occur during university-sponsored trips to non-campus locations that are frequently used by students, controlled by the university during a trip (e.g., a lease or rental agreement is in place), and used to support educational purposes. 

The form should be filled out by a single point of contact for the university-sponsored trip.  This is typically a staff or faculty member.  

Penn State University is required to request from the local law enforcement agencies Clery Act crime statistics that occurred during a qualifying Penn State-sponsored trip. Any statistics that are required by the Clery Act to be disclosed to the public will be reported in Penn State’s Annual Security Report and Annual Fire Safety Report.

Please submit this form for Domestic (within the U.S.) University-sponsored trips that meet the below “submit form” requirements.

  • If the trip takes place internationally, please contact the Global Programs office.
  • For a Recognized Student Organization at the University Park campus, please utilize Org Central to report the trip
Should you submit the Trip Reporting Form?
Submit Form Do Not Submit Form

University-sponsored overnight trip at repeat lodging location

University-sponsored field trip at  locations that the University does not own or control (no overnight stays)

University-sponsored short-stay “away” trips of more than one night

One overnight, University-sponsored trip (not a repeat trip to repeat location)

University-sponsored field trip to locations owned or controlled by the University (no overnight stay required)

Non-University sponsored private trips by students regardless of length of trip