SPOTLIGHT: Jesselyn Bumgarner

As the Threat Case Coordinator for University Police and Public Safety, Jesselyn Bumgarner understands that no threat is too small when it comes to safety on campus. 


Bumgarner works with the Behavioral Threat Management Team to create a safe environment for Penn State students, employees and community members in an effort to prevent violent incidents from occurring on campus.


As the Threat Case Coordinator, Bumgarner is busy managing the intake for each of the cases that are reported through the threat hotline, electronic submissions, and on occasion cases at the Commonwealth campuses. She also works closely with other members of the Behavioral Threat Management Team, who represent various units, such as University Police and Public Safety, Student Care and Advocacy, Title IX, CAPS and Student Conduct.

The most rewarding part of Bumgarner’s position is being able to work with people and to help them navigate difficult situations.


“Even though I work behind the scenes, I still have that impact in getting people resources and making a difference,” Bumgarner said.


Bumgarner believes that people are often hesitant to call her department to report an incident in fear that the threat that they are reporting does not meet a certain threshold. She works to encourage people to follow their gut instincts because what seems like a small matter can turn out to be something more serious. 


After graduating from West Virginia University with a bachelor’s degree in criminology, Bumgarner went on to get her master’s degree at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Bumgarner is no stranger to Penn State though, having worked with the Clery office from 2016 until beginning her current role with the Behavioral Threat Management Team last December. 


When Bumgarner is not helping to protect the Penn State community, she enjoys hiking with her husband of two years. They recently visited Ricketts Glen State Park and she enjoyed seeing the waterfalls throughout the hike. She said that being outdoors allows her to unplug for a while.