Spotlight: Doug Curley

As supervisor of Assistant Police Services Officers (APSO), Doug Curley manages and coordinates all APSO staff members for the day-to-day 24-hour, 365 day operations dedicated to the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) across Pennsylvania. Curley also manages shift scheduling and administrative best practices related to safety and strict physical security protocols governed by Department of Defense (DoD).

APSO staff members are trusted to professionally meet and complete the cleared visitor check-in protocols during normal business hours each day. During non-business hours, they perform physical security checks throughout all facilities. APSO staff members are responsible for the health, safety and protection of all persons and property affiliated with ARL.  

Curley said what enjoys most is “the day to day face time and interaction with the duty officers as well with the ARL security staff members.” Curley added, “I have to say, without a doubt, that I cannot be more proud of my affiliation with our top notch APSO staff members, ARL Security and the UPPS Department as a whole! WE ARE...Penn State!”

Curley has served in this role for nearly eight years. He previously served in the U.S. Navy “Seabee Community,” retiring after 29 years.

In his free time, Curley is a self-proclaimed “sports junkie.”

“My passion is with Penn State Hockey, Football, Wrestling and Baseball,” he said. Curley also enjoys 4x4 quad trail running along with large game hunting and gardening and landscaping at home. “All while sharing this time with my family,” he said.