we are committed to transparency, diversity, accountability and listening

Transparency and Accountability Initiative

There are members of our community who are concerned with how police operate and exercise authority and power, especially during interactions with people of color and other historically underrepresented and marginalized groups.  Concerns related to traffic stops, searches, arrests and use of force typically permeate the discussion.  Trust and legitimacy concerns also may stem from misunderstandings of First Amendment protections, how police are trained, a lack of useful data and transparency, as well as possible police misconduct and discipline.

To further an environment of trust and legitimacy, University Police and Public Safety (UPPS) has developed the Transparency and Accountability Initiative. Below, the "What We Have Accomplished" section outlines what UPPS is already doing to be transparent and accountable to the community we serve. The "Answering the Call - Our Commitment To Excellence" section outlines our commitment moving forward to better serve our community.

We encourage the Penn State community to review this new section of police.psu.edu, which is filled with information about our police unit and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability.