Report a Crime

Report a crime online to Penn State University Police.

Please use this form to report a crime on Campus only. It is our policy to attempt not to trace the origin of the person who submits this form, unless such is deemed necessary for public safety. 

Please provide information on the suspect (ie. name, address, physical description), dates and time of the crime, etc. Explain how you know the crime occurred. Do you know if the crime has already been reported?

Provide as much detail as you can. An investigator would like to contact you for a follow-up on the information you provide. You may still remain anonymous, but it will aid the investigator if they could discuss the information in more detail.


Centre County Crime Stoppers

Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers

Do not use the Report a Crime option to report an emergency or a crime in progress. Call 814-863-1111 or 911.

All information must be verified before any action is taken. Please provide your name, telephone number, and/or email so that we may verify the information you have provided. Any reports that are determined to be false or those that cannot be verified will not be investigated.

Call University Police at 814-863-1111 to report any information. Callers may remain anonymous. Please use this to report crime on campus only. It is our policy to avoid tracing the origin of an email sent via this form—unless it is necessary for public safety.

Importance of Reporting Crimes
If crimes are never reported, little can be done to help other members of the community from also being victims. Citizens are encouraged to report crimes promptly and participate in and support crime prevention efforts. The University community can be much safer with your assistance. You can assist us by reporting unusual activity to the police immediately. The likelihood of arresting an offender drops with each minute of delay in reporting.